Renaissance Ideals – Becoming Well-Rounded

Leonardo Da VinciĀ – We have all heard the name, but what did the man do? Or rather, what didn’t he do? Many of us know him as a famous artist – the painter of the Last Supper and the Mona Lisa – but he was also an inventor ahead of his time. Da Vinci furthered the world’s understanding of the human body, and simultaneously designed fantastic metal contraptions while metal working was still in its infancy.

For these works, Da Vinci is known as the ideal renaissance man. A renaissance man is someone well versed in many areas of knowledge and who has developed a series of skills over his or her lifetime. They have cultivated a full social life, while also nurturing their creativity through the arts. A renaissance man is always eager to learn, grow, and explore. They take care of their health and pursue higher thought.

My goal is to become a renaissance man, well-rounded and well versed in many areas. This blog is to not only help me track my progress, but to allow me to share my experiences with you, the reader. I will be pursuing many interests, and I encourage you to do the same. The skills and subjects you may choose to study do not have to be the same as my own, in fact I encourage you to find what interests you most. I will share my findings and offer advice where I feel I am qualified.

I will be posting as frequently as possible on old, new, and current interests as I pursue a well-rounded lifestyle. Please stick around and subscribe for updates, how-to’s, and smarter everyday articles!


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